Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost Recap

Okay, Mr. Newscaster needs to shut it. We don't need his play-by-play of Obama's speech running over into LOST time. SHUT IT!

Recaps - Desmond was soooo lucky to have bought the bulletproof lettuce. It's a little more expensive than normal lettuce, but as Des just demonstrated, it comes in handy. Little Charlie is so cute! I just want to pinch his cheeks!

Eloise is visiting Des in the hospital. So it's the big reveal! Eloise is DANIEL'S MOTHER! Oh...we kind of already knew that, producers. You could have saved the suspenseful music for something really suspenseful. CS Lewis said not to use the word infinite for something that is not infinite. If you do, what will you use for something that is truly infinite? Something to think about, only substitute suspenseful music for infinite. So Daniel has been in Ann Arbor this whole time. That's kinda boring. I'm so happy to see Daniel again. He's so intense and softy speaking.

My TV is being all jerky with the picture and that is NOT COOL! Star Trek sneak peak! THAT is cool. Is this Star Trek or Men in Black or Jurassic Park? I'm confused. That had nothing to do with spaceships.

Is that little Daniel playing the piano? I'm loving it. He's musical too. Look at him with his little tucked in stripy shirt and braces. Poor guy was NEVER the cool guy. That's okay, though, because there are girls like me who dig nerds. Daniel's gift is the ability to count. Like the Count on Sesame street, only he doesn't get to wear a cool cape.

Does anyone else think that young Daniel's mom looks a lot like Juliet? Not old creepy Eloise, but younger, bossy, metronome hating Mama Faraday. She looked like Juliet.

Speaking of HER, there she is in Sawyer's house. I still don't like her. I want to kick her in her perfect hair. Haha! Phil got what he's been deserving for weeks now.

Daniel's still reading his beat up journal that holds the answer to every question on the island. He just told Dr. Chang he's from the future. I hope he doesn't explain the inner workings of the flux capacitor, because that d-bag would totally use it for evil.

Oh...Daniel got the diss from Dr. Chang. Look at Dan in his grad robe and grunge hair. Ooo, she would be a totally witchy mother-in-law. This is a classic example of why you shouldn't try to live through your kids. If she wanted to be all smart and time travel-y, she should have done it herself. Daniel wanted to make beautiful music and make-out with curly haired blondes. He doesn't want to be a keyed up hot mess on a time jumping island. Charles Widmore *cough*danielsdad*cough* came up. Awwwkwwaaaaaaard. And she gave him a present. She is a master at sending people on the guilt trip. Oh, she bought him the cursed journal. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Twitchy. :) What a great nickname for Daniel. It's still not suspenseful. I'm not surprised Eloise is on the island in 1977. We already knew that Widmore was there in 77. Why do they keep wasting their suspenseful music?

Daniel's looking ROUGH in that old video. I forgot about that. I don't like to see my Dan crying like that. Daddy Widmore is there, but where is his pony of justice? Charles is making him cry. I hate Widmore! He's such a jerk. He makes everyone cry. Did you hear Daniel do that Joey Lawrence "Whoa"? So Widmore knows the island heals. Well, if he's sending Daniel to heal him so he doesn't cry like a 2 year old girl all the time then he's gotten some credit back. He's gotta be Dan's dad. He's probably everyone's dad. They're all just a screwed up incestuous pool.

Sawyer doesn't want to leave and that makes me sad. I'm pretty sure that Jack and Sawyer are about the have a slapfight. That would be AWESOME! I hope one of them takes his shirt off. Oooo! Sawyer called Kate Freckles and that pissed Juliet off. Maybe more than one slapfight this episode.

Here's the part where Daniel scares the beejeebees out of little Charlotte. I don't know if I want to watch this part. She's cute with her red curls and green eyes and little British accent. Daniel's getting to show off his acting chops in this episode. He has that crying on command thing down pat.

I hate that guy balding guy. He's got some sort of huge attitude problem. He needs a good kick in the shin or a bullte in the head. And OH MY GOODNESS! He just shot Daniel. Why does everyone I love get shot????? Okay, that's the end of mean Paul Giamatti. Nice shot, Jack. For a doctor you have good aim. Oh, dude survived. Whatever. That's the most unbelievable thing on this show since Hurley heated up his Hot Pocket without a crisping sleeve.

That must be forgetful Daniel trying to remember his piano playing. That is so sad. Gah! She's still controlling him and pulling strings even when he's so old! Cut the apron strings Ellie. He's old enough to be my boyfriend. I hate it when evil people have good kids and the good kid can't break away from it. Be strong, Dan!!

I like Kate's coveralls better than Jack and Dan's coveralls. I like Juliet's shirt. It's pretty. Man, she is major pissed at him. I think he should take his shirt off to make it better. Why is Juliet smiling about all this? See, the smirk is not appropriate when you're being held at gunpoint.

Soooo....if they change the building of the Swan hatch, then none of this ever happened? He's going to set of the H bomb?? Oh well, at least it's not the F bomb. Hahaha! I kill myself. No really, is this series just going to end with the crash never happening and none of them remembering it or anything? Because that would suck infinity. Yes, I used infinity.

I hope my hair is as full as Eloise's when I'm an old lady. I just want to touch it. I bet it's soft, like a poodle that's just been brushed. I love Desmond so much. There's that dumbbutt Charles, skulking in corners like a true rat. I knew it. I knew he was Daniel's dad. I've been thinking it the whole episode.

How did they sneak up on the Others? I thought that was impossible. Richard's going with a "less is more" approach with his make-up today. He's still rocking the charcoal pencil, though. NOOOO!!! Daniel's dead. I want to break something.

Previews. Meh, nothing to write home about. I'm going to mourn my Daniel. He had a couple of butts for parents.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Making me Happy?

I haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. I know that all eight of you have been sitting there with bated breath. I have been singing grunge songs with Michele in the comments of my last post, though. So I haven't been completely absent. I've had family in town so I haven't gotten a chance to sit and blog. I've missed it!

Here's what's making me happy tonight:

1)Singing grunge songs with Michele because she's awesome!

2)I found an UH-MAZING fabric store near my house and I bought these:

The dragonfly print will be a sundress. The blue and brown print will be a decorative pillow. I'm not sure about the rest of it. All I know is that these prints rock.

3)Hubs bought me flowers again. Because he's awesome. And for some reason, he thinks I'm awesome.

4)My daddy was here this weekend and he bought me my very own blueberry bush. Picking (and eating) blueberries was one of my favorite things to do when I was little, and they were the only thing that I was allowed to pick in the garden. Dad said my mouth would be blue all summer long. So he bought me this sweet little blueberry factory of my own and helped me plant it in my yard. AWWWW!

5)I bought M some Lincoln Logs at a yard sale. Okay, I bought me some Lincoln Logs. And I've been building bitchin houses with them all weekend!

6)My mom bought me this awesome ring from 1928 jewelry, my favorite brand of fake stuff. It's awesome. It's like a party on my finger.

Pay no attention to my nasty looking hands. They always look all veiny for awhile after I've been in the hospital.

7)The next one makes me so happy. I've finally felt good enough to start sewing again this week, so our table looked like this:

8)I found this ratty old frame at a yard sale and I'm going to sand it down to it's birth wood and spray paint it cherry red. And it will be awesome because I say so.

9)I found this little covered box at a yard sale and it's so pretty. I thought I would keep it in my purse and keep makeup in it, but M had other ideas. It's where she keeps her "pretties." An old makeup brush of mine and a tube of chapstick.

10)Hubs did the dishes. Did I mention he's made of awesome?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random stuff

*LOST is a recap tonight. BOO! How lame is that?

*Someone told me that I dress like a hobo this week.

My first reaction was "AHAHAHAHAHA!" My second reaction was "Ouch." Because I don't really dress like a hobo. I'm more into casual than fancy. My third reaction was I want to bust her chops because really, who says that to somebody? "You look awful because you were wearing khakis and a pink shirt." What about that makes me frumpy? I'm so confused.

*Our grocery store stopped carrying Cheese Nips. Again, what is with the lameness this week? I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

*I kind of miss Lauren and her hilarious posts. I hope she's doing okay.

*I made some rockin enchiladas tonight. I'm not even kidding. They were UH-MAZING.

*There is a truck that drives by our house every night playing circus music. Like the music the clowns and monkeys dance to.

It's fantastical. I thought maybe it was a business vehicle or something, but nope. It's just a normal, ratty little pick-up truck. LOVE IT!

*I used Afrin this week for the first time in years because I had a butt awful sinus infection. I had forgotten how wonderful it is. It was like a party in my nose. With green streamers. I'll stop there.

*I went to some yard sales and found some great stuff. Hubs acted flustered that I bought more stuff for our already overflowing house, but I know he's secretly happy. Oh, Hubs! Your acts CRACK.ME.UP.

*My tests are done. Yay! I don't have to have heart surgery. Yay! Yet. Oh, ok. I'm on medication now and am being monitored closely. I can't train for the marathon. Boo! But I'll probably live to see M get married. Yay!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had a lot of tests run today. Some of the results were not favorable, so I have to go back in tomorrow. I'm incredibly tired, so I probably won't post much more today. I got my LOST recap done this morning but didn't get it up before I left for the hospital. I didn't get a chance to edit for spelling and grammar, so sorry in advance for any stupid mistakes.

My heart is not beating properly. It's hard to explain, but it's not working right.

LOST recap

Baby Miles sees dead people. He's not near the whiney pansy that kid in sixth sense was. Wow. What a creepy kid. He's still talking! He's still talking!

Miles, just erase the tapes. Poor Sawyer. Miles isn't a girl so he can't just take his shirt off and make his make-out face to get Miles to do what he wants. The Circle of Trust. How 'Meet the Parents". I kept expecting Horace to say, "Are you a pothead, Focker?" Horace has his hair pulled back tonight into a messy bun/ponytail. How hip of him. He was ahead of the times.

Angry Paul-Giamatti wannabe is back. Why can't he be one of the casualties? The ditch had a gun! Best line of the episode. I'm calling it. Oh Miles, you and your shenanigans. I love how he just talked to that dead guy like they were shooting the breeze at the bar.

Aw. His mom is sick. How sad. Is Miles gonna cry? Because that will totally ruin his bad guy image. YOUR FATHER IS MARVIN CANDLE, MILES! You lived on the island when you were little and he made friendly videos even though he was kind of a jerk. Your daddy's body is on the island, Miles. You are slowly working your way into my boyfriend book. Dr Chang at the Orchid = Dr. Candle = Miles' dad. Mystery solved. No need to watch the rest of the episode. Gross. They put Hurley's sandwiches right next to that dead guy. Ew.

Juliet is a good liar. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Uncle Rico is PISSED. There has been need for Midol in every episode lately.

Why is Hurley writing about bounty hunters? And now they're talking about farts. I swear, the Laurel and Hardy of the Lost World. Sweet. The giant electromagnet killed that guy. I've seen that happen on House in the MRI machine. Maybe the island is inside a giant MRI.

Miles is just going to make crap up to make that guy feel better and then he's going to fleece him for more money. Well played. Dirty, but it works. Look! It's Naomi who falls into trees and moans a lot.

Uncle Rico's getting drunk on the swing set. It's so fitting for him. He so wants to make out with Kate. She's about to give it all away. Moron. She's so stupid. I'm tired of her.

Every time. EVERY TIME they show one of those awesome VW vans I just want to giggle. They make me so happy.

Hurley's talking about his hallucinations with Miles. They have camaraderie now. They are now in contention with Locke and Ben for best LOST couple. Hurley, why did you have to open your big dumb mouth? Haha! That guy said "turd." And Hurley said "douche." Ahahahahaha!

I'm so intrigued by the dead guy on the table. Felix. Delivering something to Widmore. Delivering a bunch of papers, photos, and pictures of empty graves, a purchase order for an old airplane. Okay, so I have a serious death question. Can Miles only talk to people if the body bag is unzipped? Because I'm seeing a trend here.

Not cool, Ben's dad. You don't kick another guy's mop bucket. I'm loving the turkey on the cabinet in the classroom. I want to hang him on my refrigerator. That is a horrible wig that Roger is wearing.

I love Hurley infinity. He's getting Miles and his dad to know each other. They're digging the SWAN stating! Awesome! 4 8 15 16 23 42. It would have been more dramatic if Hurley had said, "Because those are the lottery numbers that ruined my life."

I want to see this Disney movie about Earth. I'm really excited about it.

Fish tacos? Yuck! Do they really make fish tacos? What kind of fish is in a fish taco? Some words just dont' go together. Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue again! Who are these people? Are they connected to the hostiles? Where do all these cryptic people get their money?

I hate it when I'm in a car with someone and I piss them off and they slam on the brakes and I hit my head on the dash. Okay, that's never happened, but it looked like it really sucked. Oh my goodness! Hurley is writing Empire Strikes Back! That is incredibly awesome. I was wondering why he asked how to spell bounty hunter.

Jack is looking fine in his Dharma coveralls. Not every guy can look sexy in coveralls.

Miles forgot to erase the tapes. D'oh! Oh, please, PLEASE shoot that guy. I can't stand him. A good smack in the face would do it.

Everybody's got daddy issues. Maybe this whole show is just a cry for men around the world to MAN UP and take care of their kids. It seems to be the underlying theme. Hurley's comparing Miles to Luke Skywalker. That's great. I love that Dharma even makes onesies. Aww...Miles' father said he needed them. Is that Daniel? YES!!!! My nerdy boyfriend is back! LOVE HIM!


I don't have anything to say about the previews. I'm confused. Is there no new episode next week? There were lots of explosions, bullets, guns, water splashes, people falling down, and smoke monster shots. I'm confused. But I'm happy because my nerd is back.

Is anyone else loving this season but not having much to say about it? Yeah, me too. I guess because they're answering questions instead of creating them.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Stuff

When you get pumped full of saline it makes you really fat for awhile, it makes your arm really cold, and it makes you have to use the potty a lot the day afterward. So I'm in the potty a lot today, staring at this particular tile on the floor:

Does it not look like a woman with long hair kissing a dude with a beard and a crown? Don't see it? Here, I'll help you out.

See it now? Please say yes.

I was at the grocery store today to get some orange juice and I saw these:

And I totally bought them. And as a kicker, the things really sparkle. No lie. And they taste like crap. And I'm not certain that they're digestible.

Oh, and for the first time ever today, I started one of those fruit avalanches at the grocery store. You know the kind you only see in movies or on TV? The ones where someone picks up one piece of fruit and all the fruit rolls off the display and into the floor? Yep. That was me. Good times.


Dear doctor:

I don't understand the saline drip. Please enlighten me. It's not that I don't love jammin in the hospital bed with my IV pole, but I really don't understand its purpose this time. Did you just want my arm to be really cold? For the record, I would really rather be not jammin in the bed with my IV pole. I just try to make the best of a bad situation. Like that time you gave me an MRI and I kept getting in trouble for singing "Crazy" to try to calm myself down.

Dear hospital bed:

You suck. I'm glad I didn't have to sleep in you all night.

Dear Friends:

They did an ultrasound of my heart yesterday looking for valve defects and found....nothing. This is good news as it makes the possibility for heart surgery smaller. I spent the day, but not the night, in the hospital for lots of tests that found nothing. This is good because they did the tests for more serious problems first. There's a good chance whatever I have can be treated with medication and I won't have to have surgery now. I still have countless tests and sticks, etc. to look forward to, but yesterday was by far the most grueling day. And it's over. *sigh of contentment*

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've had some major medical issues the past few days. I'm not sure what's happening in the immediate future, but I won't be posting to the blog as often for a few weeks, because I'll probably be sitting in waiting rooms or watching Twilight with an IV pole (Don't worry. I get along great with IV poles. We're tight). The problems I'm having are pretty serious. Anyway, I'll *try* to keep up the LOST posts until the end of the season, and will probably still occasionally type some letters, but my sewing and creating is going to suffer in the next few weeks. So if you're here solely to look at the awesome things I make, then you're out of luck. If you're here because you're my friend and you feel sorry for me and my pitiful excuse for blog then I LOVE YOU! And stick around. Hopefully I'll be back to my stupid self soon.

Thanks, everyone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LOST recap

How many times? HOW MANY TIMES are they going to show us Sayid shooting Gentle Ben?

A HORSE! This is already the best episode ever. I love how they all look like a bunch of ragamuffins and Richard looks like he just walked out of GQ. Share the cleanliness wealth, Richie Rich.

That guy looks like Gollum before he became Gollum; when he was still happy Smeagol, playing in the creek with Deagol. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Oh, it’s not Gollum. It’s just Charles Widmore and his pony of justice.

Ben looks so scared. You were going back to be judged, huh, Ben? Not just running like a pansy girl from Locke? Okay. I’ll take your word for it.

I’m loving Ben implicating Locke. It’s great! And where does that guy get a sawed off shotgun? Cesar, like the salad. That’s how I’ll remember him.

I want to give Eager Baby Ethan so many hugs right now.

I love Locke so much. And I love Ben so much. It is a vicious love battle in my heart. We can both win, please don’t fight. Aww, they’re going to be BFF now! I LOVE IT. Best Lost couple, hands down.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ben! Shame on you! You have to get over your trigger finger. You killed the Cesar salad.

I love Locke’s “You make friends everywhere you go” comment. Oh, Locke hit below the belt with an Alex shot. Ben 10, Locke 11.

Charles Widmore is a jerk. I kind of like Ben with the Others. He’s got a heart. Richard is proud of his Ben. It’s sad that Richard saved Ben and Ben already looks older than him. Richard has some mad Oil of Olay Regenerist skills. Younger Ben had great hair, too. What is it with the men on this island and their luscious locks? I’m so jealous. I want to go to there.

This is so creepy I almost can’t stand it. Ben walking down the hall toward the lit room with mysterious shadow. Oh, it’s just Sun. Okay, it’s a commercial and let me just say that this is the creepiest shizz I’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying a lot.

I know that Lepedis has been in a plane crash, but I doubt that the buttons on his shirt are broken. Button your shirt. You’re not one of the men on this show that can pull that off. Can we please get some Sawyer chopping logs in the jungle footage? Lawnmower man is out.

This is getting so good. Ben’s now on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The music is so suspenseful! It’s got me all suspensed up! Ben just flushed a gigantic primitive toilet by sticking his hand it. Okay, Ben. You’re officially having a worse day than me now.

So Charles got banished for getting his jollies on the mainland. And Ben gets his job. It’s all Penny’s fault. Desmond needs to dump her and get with me.

Who’s on the Ben/Sun ship? Okay, so Ben said dead is dead on the island, but what about the eyepatch guy? I seem to remember him dying and then all the sudden he’s swimming like Flipper and blowing up underwater stations with beloved Charlies inside.

Is Locke making his own socks? Oh, they’re torches. He’s so inventive. I like Sun’s jacket. Where does she shop? It’s cute. I want it.

I can smell my Desmond. He smells like seawater and rainbows. NO! Show Desmond! I hate these people.

OH BEN JUST GOT SCHOOLED! High five, Locke! High fives all around!

Temple, temple, temple. Sun is so confused. I feel you, honey. All the viewers feel you right now.

NOOOOOOOOO! Ben, you can’t shoot Desmond! You’re both in my boyfriend book. Oh, this makes me mad. Okay, you let little Charlie live and that gives you a few points back, but you are still out infinity points for shooting my Desmond. How could you? For shame, Ben. For shame. Wow, that was a lot of blood. He beat the crap out of you and you deserved it, my ex-best friend. That’s right, EX. You can’t shoot my boyfriend and expect to get away with it.

What lies in the shadow of the statue? What kind of question is that? Are they others? I don’t understand. I’m more confused that Sun now. What is going on? Curly haired girl can’t go all crazy before she tells me where she got her earrings when she was seducing Sayid.

I’m kind of sad for Ben that he’s all sad about Alex, but I’m still mad at him for shooting Desmond like that. And totally ruining all his groceries. I would be so pissed if I just got home from Kroger and someone shot up my bananas.

Has Ben never watched Indiana Jones? You don’t just put all your weight on one spot of the floor in a rickety, ancient temple. Okay, he gets some points back for the Alex sadness and falling through the floor like that, because I’m a sympathetic person, but he’s still got a lot to do before I forgive him.

The thing in that hieroglyphic was the shape of the statue. And everyone’s favorite smoke machine is back in business! Scary poof of smoke, I’ve missed you so! HOLY CRAP! Alex is back. No, it’s not Alex. It’s just the smoke monster pretending to be Alex. Alex put the smack down on Ben. Sweet. Locke’s in charge now and Ben gets his second chance. Fanfreakingtastic! Loved it!

That was a freaking awesome episode. Seriously. This was my face the whole time. :O and D:

Next week is Miles-centric! I’m so loving them finally diving into these other characters.

Leave your theories, so we can pick them apart together.

Namaste, good friends.


Dear Sinuses:

I hate you.

Dear Weather:

I hate you, too. Snow? In April? Really?

Dear Hubs:

Remember when you came in the bedroom last night when I was folding laundry and said, "What's that smell? Where is that coming from?" and I said, "I don't know"? It was me. I farted. Sorry.

Dear M:

You never cease to amaze me. You're on the path to change the world, little lady. I can't wait to see it.

Dear person who is supposed to be my friend:

Please stop saying awful things about me behind my back. It's not nice.

Dear Target:

I love you and your awesome clearance sales

Dear person who gives me nightmares:

Stop trying to friend me on Facebook. I don't want to be your friend, ever.

Dear heart:

Please start beating in a normal rhythm again or they're going to attach a pacemaker to you. Neither of us wants that, right?

Dear Fellow Losties:
Update tonight. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making stuff

I made M another outfit last night. It is awesome squared. In case you can't tell, the top is white eyelet lace. The pants are supposed to be capris but since she's so short, they're decidedly pants.

I love the shirt and I'm thinking I need to make a gigantic one for me:

Check out this cute bag! It's the perfect size for a quick run to the store:

I made it all by myself during M's nap today. I was super jazzed because I found this ribbon on CLEARANCE. It is beautiful. I have it in blue, too:

This is the most awesome Easter toy ever invented. You wind it up and it bounces around like a superball. Hubs and I call it the seizure rabbit. Too bad M's scared of it:

For those of you who know, M is finally getting over her bout with RSV. Luckily, we didn't have any trips to the ER. We didn't even have to use a nebulizer. She is mostly back to her happy self, except for the occasional sniffle. She still feels under the weather some. I am completely wiped out. It has been a rough week for both of us, but hopefully we can put this all behind us now.

Aaaannnnnddd in keeping with my promise from my Lost post, I have signed up for some Bollywood dance classes. I'm so going to rock the house with my mad dance skillz. Wait and see.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why the Hubs rocks my world

1) He got up with M this morning and let me sleep in.

2) He made me breakfast and brought me my cold medicine in bed.

3) He knows I get a migraine when I get a cold, so he drove to the grocery store at midnight last night to get me migraine medicine and Coke.

4) He is watching Twilight with me right now, without making snarky comments, because he hopes it will help me feel better.

5) Last week he went to Wal-Mart one night to get ant traps (I hate ants!) and came
back with the traps, diapers for M (I didn't ask him to do that), and lady products for me because he "noticed I was running low." Haha! He noticed!

6) He made me chocolate chip cookies last week.

7) He brought me flowers last week after his musical instruments attacked me.

8) Last night was our "date" night and even though I was sick he still brought me take out and after M went to bed he WATCHED OUR WEDDING VIDEO WITH ME.

9) He loaded the dishwasher for me this morning.

10)He sat in the floor with M this morning and bravely helped her dress and undress all of her princess dolls over and over without complaining. Then he let her brush his hair and put bows in it. Seriously one of the most manly things I've ever seen any man do. Taking care of his little girl.

11)He scrubbed the bathtub this morning and changed all the sheets, my usual Saturday morning ritual, because he wants me to rest and feel better.

12)He works hard all week and still helps me around the house on Saturdays and takes M for a few hours so I can have some time to myself.

13)He still looks like he did in college (Ohhhhh, yeaaaaah)

14)He fixes my computer when it's being stupid

15)He's the best of best, my own personal Edward, and none of you suckahs can have him.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LOST recap

Thank goodness! We’re finally going to figure out what the frick happened to Aaron.

Ben’s not dead. How did that happen? Are you telling me that Sayid, in all his torturous glory, is not a sure shot? Horace gets all witchy when someone asks him a legitimate question. Sheesh. Take a Pamprin, Horace. Uncle Rico is totally hitting on Kate right now.

Kate has beautiful hair. Oh, baby Aaron is so cute! I miss having a little one like that. No, I’m not pregnant or planning on being so anytime soon. I want M to be the baby for a little while longer.

Man, I want some Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits so bad right now. I hate these dumbbutts who put these commercials on when it’s too late for me to make a Red Lobster run.

That is a lot of money for a tiny envelope. That woman is witchy, too. Share the Pamprin, people. Wow! That woman is a detective. She figured out about Aaron in 0.2 seconds. She could totally find Carmen Sandiego if she wanted to.

Miles is such a nice guy now. Dharma looks good on him.

How many times is Jack going to have to operate on Ben in this series? Ben should sing Wind Beneath my Wings to Jack in the series finale. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”

Haha! Back to the Future! I love Hurley. And I love Miles! And Hurley + Miles = Awesome Infinity.

Oooooo….Maybe the island just wants to fix things itself. Good call, Jack. And BURN! He’s totally calling Kate on her jerking-around-of-men.

And now Juliet and Kate are going to be all BFF and they’re going to toy with men’s emotions together and they will be an unstoppable man-eater force! OH NOES! Save us from the selfish women! We’re not all like that, writers of this show.

I feel kind of sorry for Uncle Rico/Roger Janitor Linus. And then I remember that he’s a sleaze and I don’t feel so bad.

Philosophical Hurley is CRACKING.ME. UP. Ooo, ooo! Everybody shut up! Hurley just asked the pivotal question. Why didn’t Ben remember getting shot by Sayid, or Sawyer working for Dharma, etc. And Miles is befuddled by it. Good game, Hurley.

Wow, Juliet’s solution to go to the others is interesting. I just thought that she or Kate would do the dance of the seven veils for Jack and seduce him into doing the surgery.

I want to see Slumdog Millionaire sooooo bad! Just to see the dancing at the end. With all of you as my witnesses, I vow to one day be a Bollywood dancer.

Aw. Kate’s falling on her sword to save Ben. I wish I cared more.

She let go of Aaron’s hand. Annnnnnd, he’s gone. What a moron. I can’t believe she did that. Never look away for a second. Never let go of his hand. Sawyer’s going to help her. WHY? Would some MAN please explain to me what kind of sex tractor beam this woman has that allows her to suck men in like this? I WANT ONE. You could control the world with a weapon like that.

Sometimes when M won’t give me a hug and I want one I’ll grab her and hug her and say, “Validate me! Validate me!” And we both laugh because it’s ridiculous. But Kate’s doing it for reals. Yikes.

Oh BURN. Kate got burned by both of them this episode. Sawyer’s all “I’m doing this for her, not you, you nasty fire-breathing skank.”

You know, I’m not a medical expert but maybe they should have brought a stretcher or something. I’m pretty sure if you’ve got an internal bleed that you shouldn’t be bounced around like a joey in mama kangaroo’s pouch. Ha! “Take me to Richard Alpert now! I’m running low on blush!”

Is it just me or is Jack kind of a jerk now? I think he has post-traumatic stress disorder from being a raging drunk and being in another plane crash all in the same week.

Are there not enough Fast and Furious movies in the world yet?

Kate is going to give Aaron to his grandmother. For the first time in this whole show she’s actually doing something right. Kate’s on the Road to Redemption, folks. That was actually pretty sweet. And really sad.

I don’t care if he wears makeup. Richard Alpert is sexy.

Wow, so this is how Ben turned into Ben. “His innocence will be gone.” Ew. I don’t want to know. Did you catch that? If Ellie or Charles find out? Hmmm…the Others are in touch with the outside world workers. He’s taking him to the temple! We finally get to see the temple. Nope, just a tease. We just got to see the door opening.

Big Ben is waking up finally. He’s staring at Locke and Locke’s looking at him like he’s about to tear him a new one. And END!

Previews! It looks like we do get to see the inside of the temple next week. Sweet! It looks like a Ben-centric episode. I could so sink my teeth into that.

Leave your observations.

Namaste, friends!

Back to the land of the living!

I've been pain med free for 24 hours now! I'm still really sore, but I made it to the gym today and was able to run a mile before I had to stop. I still can't bear weight on it. I can pick up M because I have to, but otherwise I don't lift anything because it hurts. I can walk without a gimp now, though, so woo hoo!

I haven't been able to make much in the past week because it's dangerous to sew while you're impaired. But here are some pictures from the past couple of days.

Hubs was excited because I felt well enough to cook last night. I made some awesome vegetable soup!

Hubs bought me flowers to make me feel better. Awwww.

A hat I've been crocheting. It looks wonky because I tried to flatten it out for the picture. I'll probably finish it tonight. I'll publish a picture when I'm done.

We went to a flea market (love flea markets! Would marry them if they were people) and I found this awesome old camera for $5

And I found this teapot with Edinburgh Castle on it. Since Edinburgh is only my most favorite place in the world, Hubs bought it for me. What a sweetie!

And M's mixing it up. Now we're being subjected to a naked Mulan.

Oh yeah, LOST update tonight!