Friday, December 18, 2009


This has been a bad week. M hasn't gotten sick anymore, but we had a lot of tests this week. She had a gastric emptying exam on Wednesday. It was so bad, it was just really long. Today she had an upper GI and blood tests. For the upper GI, they had to strap her to the table, so her ankles, knees, waist, and chest were strapped down. Then they pulled her arms above her head and strapped her wrists, then taped her head down. Then I had to stand there and make her drink her chocolate barium while they did the X-rays. It wasn't much fun for either of us. Luckily the test was short. Then we did the blood test. They missed the vein in her right arm, so they ended up having to stick her in her left. That was a nightmare. But she got a balloon, stickers, a new toy, a puzzle, a book, and chocolate ice cream out of it.

The gastric emptying exam will tell us if there's something wrong with the opening at the bottom of her stomach where it empties into the intestine. The upper GI will tell us if she has a problem in her esophagus, stomach lining, or if her intestines/colon are twisted or out of place. The blood tests are a more comprehensive RAST panel and more intestinal disorders.

If the GI specialists gets an abnormal report from the tests they'll call us by Wednesday. If everything is normal we won't hear from them. She has a follow-up appointment with the GI specialist on the 8th.

Hubs and I had a talk and we've decided that if they don't find anything from these tests that we're going to go with the CVS diagnosis. These tests will rule out any severe problems, so we don't feel the need to continue to put her through rigorous tests if it could be as simple as she has a crazy sensitive gag reflex. What they'll probably do is stop the testing and observe her, meaning we'll have to return to the specialist once a year for a check up. I'll update if we hear anything before Wednesday. After Christmas I'll decide for sure about the LOST updates. As long as she's well then I'll probably do them. I can't skip out on the last season. :)

If you don't hear from me before Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


We went to the GI specialist today where they ruled out Chrohn's disease (HUGE RELIEF). They said they think she has a condition called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, but they're not 100% certain. Unfortunately the only way to diagnose CVS is to rule a bunch of other stuff out. So we're having more tests done. Next week she'll have more blood panels done then she'll have an upper GI exam and a Gastric Emptying Scan. If anything on those tests comes back abnormal her specialist will notify us immediately. If everything come back normal I think they will probably go with the CVS diagnosis. The doctor is pretty sure that's what's causing it, though, sure enough to go ahead and start treating her for CVS, because it's just 1/2 tsp of medication per day. Next week is going to be a really rough week. She's already terrified of doctors now, and I know dragging her to the lab two or three times next week is not going to go over well. Besides the blood draw I'm most worried about the upper GI exam because she has to drink a cupful of barium. Have you ever drank barium? It's like liquid chalk. It's not going to be much fun to force a two year old to down that and I honestly don't know if I'll be able to.

I'll have to take M to the tests by myself because they only allow one parent in the lab. Hopefully we'll have some news by our appointment on January 8th.

I've been considering my blog the last few days and if all of this blows over by the time LOST starts back up in February I may go ahead and blog until the season's over. It is the final season after all. But it will hinge on M's health at that point. I'll keep you all posted.