Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been missing in action. Sorry! I've been spending time with the fam. Let me tell you something. They told me that M doesn't have a dairy intolerance. But I switched her to soy milk anyway, because I suspected that she did and that's how I roll. Anyway, all of her vomiting episodes have happened a day after she had more milk/dairy than normal. Since we made the switch to soy milk she hasn't thrown up ONCE. AWESOME.

A few things.

1) I'm still working on my Jacob post and I will put it up before Wednesday. It'll probably look something like this:

Thing is, I'm not done with it yet and we're looking at an imminent snowstorm. A REAL snowstorm instead of the usual spitting of snow that barely covers the grass. They're predicting 8 to 12 inches for us tonight. Yikes! That means Hubs and I will spend the night pushing people out of our ditch instead of writing wonderful blog posts.

2) I hate the snow this year. I usually love winter. I love wearing my big sweaters. I love soups and stews on a cold night. I love my big fluffy blankets and wearing my peacoat and crochet scarf everywhere. I even love snow, usually. But I hate it this year. It mocks me. Besides, it has been snowing every week for the past month. It's ridiculous. Usually we have one really good snow of a few inches. It's enough that I can plop M down in it and take a cute picture and go back inside with my hot chocolate maker. This year has been different, though. Then there are idiots who try to drive in it. Snow where I live is different. If it's on the road, then there's most definitely a layer of solid ice underneath it. Even snow chains aren't going to help in that. We live at the bottom of a hill and people try to climb that hill for hours every time it snows, but they can't make it so they roll back down. And where do they land when they roll back down? That's right. Our yard. So we have to push them out so the next moron who gives it a try doesn't hit their car. So that's what I'll be doing tonight instead of writing a lovely blog post.

3) There's a strong possibility that we'll lose power. Before we had a child it didn't bother me. Now it really bothers me because without electricity, we don't have heat. Our next house will have a fireplace. Anyway, I'm so nervous about keeping M warm enough if the power goes out. So if I don't update this weekend it's not because I'm dead. It's because either some idiot hit the power pole trying to drive on the ice, or the heavy snowfall caused broken branches, resulting in the power going off.

4) LOST is this coming Wednesday. I am so excited. Hubs said we should have a party, but I told him to shut his fool mouth. Where there are people there are people talking. And I don't want anyone talking during LOST this week.

Hopefully I can get the Jacob post done tomorrow. Much love to my blog buddies!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a new year


All of M's tests are back and they are NEGATIVE. That means she doesn't have: Crohn's, Celiac's, autoimmune disorders, food allergies, esophagus problems, stomach lining problems, intestinal problems. All of her food moves from her esophagus to her stomach to her intestines just as it's supposed to. This means that she probably has CVS. Our choices with CVS is to give her a medication every day to stop vomiting or just treat the vomiting when it happens. We'll probably go with the latter as I don't want her to take a medication every day for something that happens so sporadically. She's gone almost two months now with no vomiting. We're going to throw a no vomit party. For serious. She has a follow-up with a GI specialist this Friday. Then, hopefully, it's all over.

New Years Resolutions

I hate them, but here they are:

1) I resolve to NOT burn the house down with the butane cooking torch that Hubs got me for Christmas. I know, what was he thinking? Apparently he forgot that I'm something of a pyro. All of our food from now on will be cooked with a torch.

2) I resolve to keep the blog up and running because of LOST. Mostly because if I don't write down what I'm thinking I say it out loud and it irritates the Hubs. I'm also going to try to do one more character summary before the new season starts, so tell me who to summarize!

3) I resolve to not blog as much, even though I'm going to keep my blog. I will be doing occasional updates, but if I learned anything in 2009 it's that I need to shut the laptop and spend time with my family.

4) I resolve to launch the etsy store. I've been working on stock for the past few weeks and am thinking of opening soon.

And I have to blurb Lauren. Lauren is my awesome bloggy friend. We like the same books. She is so chic and stylish. She inspires me to wear something besides the sweatpants and bed hair I got so used to when I was a new mom. She also teaches me new words like "lamespice." I'm insanely jealous of her hair. Anyway, Lauren opened a new store where she sells her awesome headbands and you should go check it out! Busy Bee Shoppe Happy shopping, and may your head always be festive!