Saturday, May 30, 2009

I made a purse today!

This one's better than the other one I made. I wasn't very happy with the way the other one turned out, so I tweaked the pattern a little bit. This one is much more acceptable.

And my Japanese Lillies are blooming! They make me so happy!

^That is enough to make me happy in spite of the fact that our air conditioner broke down this weekend in the middle of this awful heat! Yikes! Did I mention that our heater broke in the dead of winter this year? Yeah, we're being plagued. It's all good.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny Story time

So Hubs had the day off and we took the little munchkin to the zoo. We have these zoo cups that we bought ages ago and if we bring them we can get 50 cent refills at the zoo (where drinks cost $4.00). SCORE! So all through the zoo I'm refilling my cup at different concession stands. By the time we get to the gate I have to pee. So Hubs takes little one to look at the carousel (yes, our zoo rocks with a carousel) while I went to the pee trailers. I went in, did my business, came out and was washing my hands when the stall next to the one I had been in opened. And a guy walked out. I'm giving him the evil eyeball because, come on, what kind of perv cruises the women's room at the zoo? Anyway I walked out and Hubs grabs my arm and said, "What were you doing in there?" I said, "Writing my memoirs," and laughed maniacally at my cleverness. That's when Hubs pointed out my major faux pas. I somehow got the giant life sized picture of this:

confused with this:

That's right. I went in the guy's room. Didn't notice the urinals. I was the perv. Gave an innocent man the death look. Because I am a moron. That is all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOST character of the week

Shannon Rutherford

Shannon is the stepsister of Boone Carlyle. She dies in the second season, episode “Abandoned.” She’s an unhelpful wench on the island, preferring to soak up the sun instead of help building shelters, etc. She seduces Sayid with her venemous ways. Naveen Andrews, the actor who plays Sayid, actually encouraged the writers to create the relationship between Sayid and Shannon I guessbecause he was tired of his character not getting any action. Critics found her to be an unsympathetic character. Probably all the whining, refusing to help, and just being a giant load in general. When Shannon was eight, her father married Sabrina Carlyle and Boone is brought into our life. We’ll talk about Boone-walking-eye-candy on another day. Shannon pretends to be an innocent ballet dancer, but we all know that she’s an evil ninny from the get-go. She also teaches young girls how to be evil, I mean how to be ballerinas. Then Shannon’s Daddy Warbucks dies, oh noes! And he almost kills Jack’s future cheating wife in the process. What a jerk. Anyway, proof that rich people aren’t always smart: Papa Rutherford never made a will. WHAT? His lawyers weren’t very good at their jobs. Anyway, Sabrina soaks up all the money and completely cuts Shannon off, which I’ll admit is a little cold. Especially since Shannon just got an internship at a prestigious dance school. Shannon can’t come up with the money for the internship on her own so she decides to be an au pair. That doesn’t work out so she resorts to using her womanly wiles. Because women are too stupid to have more than one skill that can make them money. Thank’s writers. Do you take your pig noses off when you eat or do you just stick your faces right in the trough? Moving on. Shannon starts running a con on Boone where she dates guys, pretends they beat her up, and she calls Boone to the rescue. She picked the right mark because she does this multiple times and Boone never catches on. He comes with money to pay the boyfriends off and get them to go away. Then Shannon and the boyfriend split the cash and run. Sydney boyfriend reveals all to Boone after he gets his hand on the check and ruins the con for Shannon. Boone gets so mad that he stomps off to his hotel room and slams the door. Shannon goes to his door and seduces him. Afterwards, she tells him it was a one time thing. Boone’s been carrying a torch for Shannon for years and so this cuts him. It cuts him real deep. She’s so evil. Then they go to the airport because, for some reason, Boone still wants to take care of her. He goes to check the tickets or something and Sayid walks up and asks Shannon to watch his bag. She says, “Of course, strange man! I would love to watch your bag! Watching bags is what I do!” Then she gets Sayid handcuffed for the flight, which would suck because Sydney to L.A. is a long flight. Oh yeah, Shannon has asthma and she’s too irresponsible to take care of her own medical condition so Boone has to do it for her.

On the Island:
Shannon refuses to help anyone with anything and sees herself as on vacation, thinking that the rescue plane will fly by any minute. She has obviously never read any books or seen any movies because it never works that way. Anyway, she prefers to sunbathe. I want to take an aside for a moment and talk about Shannon’s choice of flight clothes. If you are ever flying over the ocean, pick something comfortable to wear. Don’t pick a mini skirt. That’s just ridiculous. Because you will stuck in that mini skirt for a loooong time if you do happen to crash on an island. Just sayin. There is a time for mini skirts, and an 8 hour flight is not the time. Go with the yoga pants.

Back to the island. Boone tells her she’s a selfish lass without the l and they go on a hike with Sayid to send a distress signal. Why? Because the writers realized that Shannon was a complete load and decided to give her a purpose. There is already a distress signal playing and it’s in French? What? NO ONE from the plane speaks French? Wait, Shannon does! Shannon to the rescue! She starts translating the signal and becomes a little less of a selfish twit.

Sayid and Shannon fall in love, or lust, and have a talking date on the beach. When she returns to the caves, she learns that Boone fell in the woods and got crushed by a biplane. Instead of asking What the heck?, Shannon starts pointing fingers at Locke, which was fine because it really was Locke’s fault. She asks Sayid to punish Locke and Sayid refuses and Shannon gets her panties in a big ol’ twist about that. She steals the keys to the gun case and pulls a gun on Locke in the jungle. But she continues the vein of never finishing anything she starts and doesn’t off Locke. Shannon moves back to the “rape” caves with everyone else and takes Vincent with her as Walt has sailed off on the Swiss Family Robinson raft. Season Two starts and Shannon loses Vincent. I’m still convinced that Vincent is in charge of the island. I’ll address that in my Vincent character essay. Anyway, Vinny bounces off into the jungle to chase polar bears and Shannon chases him because who needs a man when you have a good dog? While she is looking for him, she comes across dripping wet hologram Walt. Sayid finds her and Walt is gone and Sayid starts re-thinking his relationship with the crazy chick. Still he builds her a love hut and they spend the night there. Sayid leaves to get some water and Shannon sees wet ghost Walt standing in the love hut (gag. Was he there the whole time?). Sayid tells her she was dreaming. Again they run off into the jungle in the rain where they both see Walt. Shannon runs to Walt and Ana Lucia answers the silent pleas of fans everywhere and pulls the trigger, effectively ending Shannon’s life on the island. And Curtain.

In all, I didn’t like Shannon. There were times when I felt bad for her. Her stepmother was horrible. It seemed that people liked to tell her how useless she was. The only person she felt like she could trust was Boone and she had to watch him die in a pretty violent way. Someone gave her a dog and she couldn’t even keep up with it (although no one has kept a leash on Vincent since this show began). She was finally getting things in order on the island when she got shot by the likes of Ana Lucia. And she probably would have been an excellent dancer if she had been given the chance to pursue it. But her wench of a stepmother took that away from her.

Off Island Connections:
Boone Carlyle – Stepbrother
Jack Shepherd – Future wife was almost killed by Mr. Rutherford’s SUV
Sayid Jarrah – Had him cuffed as a suspected terrorist before the flight
James “Sawyer” Ford – was in the background in the police station flashback when Boone was talking to the police about one of Shannon’s boyfriends.

Any other connections that anyone can think of?

Redeeming quality – suffered great loss. That would make anyone jaded. And she did put forth effort in translating the maps and in taking care of Vincent.

Sawyer’s Nicknames for Shannon: Sticks

Sources: Wikipedia, Lostpedia,, My brain, Season 1 &2 DVDs

Leave your observations of Shannon in the comments and suggest someone for me to write about next week!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I spent the weekend making this:

What? It's a three day weekend? Maybe I'll have to make a make-up bag to match it. Wait. I already did that.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOST Character Analysis delayed

Hey Everyone,

I'm going to delay the Shannon character analysis until next week because I want to keep the LOST posts contained to Wednesdays. If you want to nominate a character (big or small) for analysis, then let me know in the comments. I'm excited about this. I'll scour the internet every week for anything we know about our characters, and I'll try to list everyone's off island connections in the post as well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nonsense post

I have been making amigurumi lately. Here are all of the ones I've made. The big penguin looks mad, but he has a really bad attitude. We've been working on that lately.

Hubs is gonna be soooooo mad when he finds out I accidentally spray-painted the lawn again. So I made him this to soften him up a little bit. It's his favorite Death by Chocolate Ganache cake. I can't even be in the same room with it without getting fat. Adult Onset Diabetes? Check.

And check out this massive bruise on my leg! I wish I could say that I got it from doing something awesome like cage fighting or falling down the stairs on my unicycle, but unfortunately I got it from being the normal spazz that I am and stumbling into a doorjamb.

Okay, nonsense aside. I am really sad that LOST is gone until next year. BOO! Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to *try* to do a character analysis every week or so. I may miss some weeks because we are taking some awesome vacations this summer and fall (can you say Disney World? Jealous?). Anyway, I'll try to do it weekly or at least biweekly. This week's won't be up until late tonight or tomorrow, though. I will take suggestions for characters if you want to leave them in the comments. I'm going to start with Shannon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are online friends "real?"

So a person in a community I frequent recently asked this question and I thought it was interesting. And since this is my blog and can pretty much do what I darn well please here, within reason, I decided to write about it.

1) Do you treat them the same as you do your real life friends?

Yes, I laugh with them. I comfort them. I pray for them. I share with them. I giggle with them. I vent to them. I listen to them. So yes, about the same. Sometimes I talk to them in the middle of the night (Thanks West-coasters! :-) )

1)Are online friends real?

Yes, they are real people who I talk to on a regular basis and share parts of my life with. Heck, I've even shared some of my secrets with some of you. I talk a lot more freely with people online than I do in real life. I share more. I guess it feels like a safer relationship. See, I have a problem with relationships and I have a problem with trust. Let's just say that for a good part of my life, people hurt me. I was used by people I should have been able to trust. I was treated like garbage by people I should have been able to trust. In general, I don't like people because I generalize all of them as liars and manipulators. Sad? Yes. It is. It's sad that Hubs had to prove to me a million times that I could trust him before I would even think about loving him. It's sad that I have to worry that someone is going to make M feel the same way. Talking to people online is different, though. For one thing, it's easy to seek out people who think like me, who feel like me, and who like the same things I do. So yes, they are, you are all, real friends to me in my mind. Because of said things in the past I also have trouble talking to people. I can't look people in the eye and I have trouble actually speaking to people I don't know really well. I'm a broken person, what can I say? Anyway, it's much easier for me to spill to all of you because I can type rather than having to speak. And if I ever do get the opportunity to meet any of you in real life, I think I would be able to speak to you without major problem. Because I've already gotten to know you.

So yeah. Having online friends has actually helped me. I've been a loner my whole life. Not by choice. I'm just one of those people who never seems to fit. I'm awkward and shy and a wallflower. I have more friends now, counting my online friends, than any other time in my life and that makes me happy.

So what do you think of your online friends?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LOST recap

Recap of last week/s – There’s my brooding Daniel. I can’t talk about it. I’m still in mourning. I miss his nerd-trying-to-be-cool-mullet.

I think that my TV accidentally switched to a showing of Rumplestiltskin. Is this Jacob? Twenty bucks says it is. Is he weaving the future of the island? He seems to know his way around the island. He also seems to be Will Ferrell’s long lost son. That fish looks yummy. And I don’t even like fish. It’s because it’s on that green leaf. It’s all about the presentation people. I bet that’s the Black Rock. And our timeless Richard is on it.

Who are these people who speak all modern but are in the time of the Black Rock? They even have mussed bed head, popular now and not then. That guy has a pierced ear. And it IS Jacob! Pay up! There’s our loving statue. He’s all big and stuff.

I love how LOST is being all serious and then they tell us that it’s brought to us by The Hangover. Classy.

There’s Kate and her boyfriend that she later kills. Man, she is like the Black Death when it comes to men. And she’s stealing a lunchbox. What a hussy! Haha! NKOTB. Awwww. Jacob bought her a lunch box. He’s a nice man. I think. Or maybe just a little creepy. Maybe a lot creepy. Weird.

Back to the awkwardness that is the sub brig. Brrrr. It’s like the Antarctic in there. I love that Sawyer just keeps dissing her. Stay strong, baby. She’s not good for you.

Wow, Sayid. Don’t ever put your shirt on. And Rich needs to relax. His Mary Kay order must be running late because he’s pretty testy. It’s just a radioactive plutonium core. Relax.

I really hate this Radinsky guy. PUH-LEEEEAAAASE let him die this episode. PLEASE. Maybe this spastic drilling will kill him. He needs a good blowin up.

Want to know what’s lame? Hubs came home just now and started talking to me. During Lost. And I missed the whole Ben/Sun convo about Jacob. Thanks, sweetie!

Locke is being a cocky jerk. I kind of like it. Jacob makes Richard not age. He’s so sweet. Wow. Locke’s gone postal. I haven’t said that in years.

Gah! Lepedis’ shirt is still unbuttoned! It’s like meadow. I bet little bunnies could live there. He’s a candidate. What does that mean? Hubs just pointed out that that big dude is the guy from the van. What’s in the box?!?!?! Oh, the suspense is killing me.

Jacob’s back. Now he’s visiting Sawyer. Wow. Sawyer is writing the letter to the real Sawyer. So sad. Baby Sawyer had freckles. CUTE.

Wow! Juliet is a ninja! Sweet! I think I like her a little more now. Whoa, Sawyer. You can’t fire a gun in a confined space like a submarine. Haven’t you ever watched a movie? Crazy! How is everyone so dry from their swim? It would take hours and hours to dry after going for a swim fully clothed.

Locke is so smug he should have canary feathers on his lips. Poor Ben. I feel so sorry for him, even though he’s evil. I knew Locke would make Ben do it. He’s such a pansy. Can’t even do his own killings.

So here’s Sayid and Nadia’s run in with Jacob. Jacob caused Nadia’s death? I’m so sad right now. I seriously want to cry. That was incredibly abrupt and sad.

Haha! I just laughed at Richard. Which brick is it? Oh yeah, it’s the huge triangle one that doesn’t belong. That’s Ben’s house. Eloise is the leader?! Sweet! No glass ceiling on LOST. I’m on the edge of my seat wondering who’s in that house. Oooooo, this is getting good! They’re in Horace’s house. There’s that little fink that was locked up in Sawyer’s closet. Hate him! NOOOO!! No more Sayid hotness. Sad day. What kind of gun it that that Jack has that holds so many bullets. Yay! Hurley and his wondervan to the rescue!

Vincent! He time jumped with them into the 70s. Rose and Bernard are back. I’m LOVING Bernard’s beard. They’re upset about being found. That’s kind of weird. Bernard’s kind of jaded now. Ha! They retired in the jungle. That’s awesome. I’m so happy for Bernard and Rose. It’s always something with you people. So true, Rose. So true. Awww!!! True love forever! Best Lost Couple Ever. Wow. They’re offering to let Juliet stay with them. That’s sweet.

Lepedis and his friends are going to stop Locke from killing Jacob. He says they’re the good guys. That’s what everyone says on this dadgum show. THEY’RE AT THE CABIN! Woot! It must be bad to cross the ash.

Wow. Jacob is everywhere all the time. Screwing around with everyone’s lives. I can’t get over how much Jacob looks like Will Ferrell. I keep expecting him to make a fart joke.

Jacob needs to call Merry Maids because DANG his house is a wreck. That knife in the wall is significant. Why? I do not know. And I do not think they’ll tell us. Jerks. Can you burn a cabin that jumps time and location and already looks like it’s been burned to a crisp? They’re going to the statue. BUM BUM BUUUUUUMMMMM. I really want to know what’s in that box.

Flannery O’Connor is the shiz. I’m not even kidding. Read some of her stuff. There’s Locke falling out of the window in the background. Jacob is BAD NEWS. He just brought Locke back to life after he fell out of the window. CRAZY. He’s brought him back to life twice at least. He’s really got a serious man crush going on.

Locke reminds me of the Cheshire Cat. I always wanted to poke that vermin in the eye. Ha! I’m a Pisces. High Five, Ben! High Five! So Ben made his visit with Jacob up. Aww. He’s just a poor, insecure person like everyone else. I want to give him a hug and pat his head to make him feel better. Wow. Locke is good at debate. That argument made a lot of sense. I’m all for Ben killing Jacob now. Wait, what?? No I’m not.

Aaron’s cradle. How sad. I wonder if it will make Sun remember her baby that she never seems to miss. Is that Charlie’s ring? Ah. I miss the hobbit.

Flashback! Jacob’s the drunk guy at Jin and Sun’s wedding. Maybe not. I like her veil. Very cute. Jin’s vows were awesome. He wins for life. Is there no one officiating this wedding? It seems like they all just took care of it themselves. There’s the nosy mother. “When are you going to have a baby?” Sheesh. Jacob speaks many languages flawlessly. He is a human Rosetta stone.

I love the roadblock. Haha! Straight out of a mob movie or something.

Richard took them to the statue instead of the cabin. Interesting. He knew that Jacob wasn’t in the cabin. Sawyer and Jack are headed off to enjoy five minutes of heaven in the jungle. Tee hee.

That’s an Apollo candy bar in the snack machine. Like the ones they had in the hatch. So he’s always had a taste for Apollo. And there’s Jacob! These flashbacks aren’t shocking anymore. I knew it was Jacob as soon as I heard the coin in the machine in the background.

I really, sincerely, like this conversation between Sawyer and Jack. I don’t have anything snarky to say about it. It was an excellent conversation. Jack’s still in love with Kate. That really stinks. She’s so bad for him. YES! Beat some sense into him Sawyer! Oh Sawyer! No hits below the belt! This fight is a little more bloody than I would prefer.

Juliet is slowly and surely redeeming herself for me. That was weird. A flashback without Jacob’s interference. I feel kinda bad for Juliet. She’s had a rough life. She’s still a hussy, though. At least she’s brave enough to let him go. Okay, I officially kind of like Juliet now. She’s doing the right thing.

Too late, Radsinsky. They’re already here and they’re going to blow your butt to kingdom come, you arrogant idiot.

Jack just needs someone to believe in him. I know the feeling. Oh no! Radsinsky is such a fink. I think he has some kind of personality disorder.

Flashback number 22,384,928,347. Hurley. I love that Hurley’s personal affects included a Fruit Roll-Up. Maybe we’re going to find out why Hurley went back to the island. Heeeeeeere’s Jacob! And the guitar that Hurley’s been lugging around. So Jacob talked Hurley into going back. Who’s driving this cab and what does he think of this conversation?

I have seriously bitten all my fingernails off in the last hour and a half. I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

Jack’s marching to the bomb and Locke’s staring at a giant foot. Poor Ben. Locke’s a bully. And he just talked smack to the beauty that is Richard. Oh no he di’int! It seems that Richard’s spent a lot of this episode caressing bricks and being emo, which is fitting with his black eyeliner. He’s going to kill him with a knife, old school samurai style. I think Ben will stab Locke with the knife.

Wow, Miles! Way to drop the bomb on everyone! I’ve been wondering how one nuclear incident will prevent another.

These Dharma people have serious attitude problems. Throw it, Jack! Throw it! Yay! It’s the Mystery Machine! Fantastical disarming! Something bad’s about to happen. Something really bad. It’s really going to suck if the bomb doesn’t work. All that and it’s a dud. That really sucks. Noooo! The incident. Maybe Dnaiel was right. They can’t change the past. That’s where Chang got his fake hand in the Swan station introduction video! And Radsinsky’s running like the little pantywaist that he is. A steel rod to the chest is good. So it looks like Juliet’s going to bite it. Dang it. And just when I was starting to like her. And what do we have left? Kate. Yuck.

Sun’s looking for a buzz. Bless her heart. The two groups meet. The answer is in Spanish. Dang! My Spanish is rusty. Does anyone know what he said?? What’s in the box? What’s in the box? Who? Who?? It’s Locke’s body. So who is Locke? AHHHH!! Eight minutes left. They better tell us or I’m going to wail from the pit of my stomach until next season starts.

There’s Jacob’s tapestry. There’s Jacob. That’s the guy who was on the beach with him in the beginning! What’s going to happen now? They’re so not going to explain this. No, Ben, do the right thing! Please, Ben, please don’t stab him before we find out what this is all about! Please! I believe in you. Please. NOOOOOO!!! #@$%@$@%@$%@^$&#^#& So pissed off right now. I think that guy is the one manipulating Christian's (and maybe Claire's) body.

Juliet survived. Yays! She’s not going to survive for long in that state, though. She’s going to set off the bomb. And it’s over. I hate these butts who write this show so much.

And the only preview we get is an eyeball. Cute. Real cute.

I'm going to go curl up in a ball in the corner until next February.

What's cool? What's not cool?

What's Cool?

* The guy who helped me get the jack under my car today when I had a flat. He looked like John Belushi. But I changed the tire myself because I'm FEEEYAAARCE.

* The gibbons at the zoo. They made my day.

* Kroger for sending me awesome coupons in the mail today.

* Hubs for picking a great Mother's Day gift

* M. She's just cool all the time.

* My new journal and the short story I just finished. I finally got it into words!

* The purse I made for my Etsy store. Store launches on June 20th!

What's not cool?

* My tire for going flat. What. the. freak.

* My Garmin GPS for going totally nuts on me in the car today because I missed my exit.

* The guy who rang my doorbell during M's nap to see if I wanted to switch phone companies. Then he "accidentally" knocked over one of my gnomes. Not cool.

* The commercial with the people on the tandem bike and woman has really long armpit hair. I swear I can smell her BO when I see that commercial.

* That skunk who sprayed the neighbor's dog. It smells like a foot around here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What have you been up to, Sara?

Thanks for asking! No, seriously. I love it when people ask me that. Usually the answer is NOTHING, but this week has been kind of productive.

*M turned 2 this week. I can't believe how grown up she is. She talks a lot now. Last week Hubs went out to mow the lawn and M wanted to know why he was wearing decrepit clothes. I told her, "Daddy is a hobo." Today we went out for our weekly mommy/daughter date at a sit down restaurant. The waiter asked her where her daddy was and she said, "Daddy's a hobo." I would have explained if I hadn't been laughing so hard and shooting coke out of my nose. He didn't ask anymore questions. I made her this cake for her birthday. She wanted a purse. Seriously? Okay, I do not have mad cake skillz, so this is as close as I got. And no, there was not a weird pink rectangle on the cake. Her name was actually on there, but Hubs doesn't like me putting her name on my blog, so I humor him with my mad paint skillz.

I think M humored me when she looked at this cake, because that's a sad looking purse, but I'm not Duff Goldman. It tasted great, though, because I can bake like a fool.

*I LOVE yard sale season. It makes me happy inside. There is a certain happy switch inside me that is not flipped until people start selling random crap out of their garage. I hit a yard sale up this morning and came away with these beauties:

YES! 1928! My favorite!

I got all the jewelry for 10 cents each piece, and the earrings counted as one. So 60 cents, people!!

And I got this great trifle dish for $2.

That's about the extent of what it takes to make me happy. Cake and secondhand junk. I'm not that hard to please.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOST recap

Recaps! Daniel is dropping the F bomb again. Bahahahaha. That one will never get old.

We get to see Kate and Jack’s reactions. Here comes Charles on his pony. He just kicked Jack in face for no reason. What a prick. I can’t get over how much middle-aged Charles Widmore looks like Smeagol. And I think the lady looks like Penny now. Good call, whoever said that on TWW.

Richard is building a ship in a bottle on the beach. Funny! Locke didn’t kill that boar. It dropped dead when it saw Richard’s gorgeousness. I’m liking his sapphire shirt. Mmmmm. Ben is looking a little worse for the wear. I feel really bad for him now. He’s been beat up by Desmond, Sun, the temple floor, and the smoke monster/Alex. I think they have a surplus of fake blood that they need to use up before it expires and they’re using it all on Ben.

Richard’s been there a very, very long time. Dun dun DUHHHHHNNNNNNN! Oooo, he watched all the Dharmites die. That’s really sad. It kind of seals the deal now that they have to set off the H bomb (hee hee) to keep everyone from dying. Because now Sun, Locke, and Ben are the only ones left. Well, there is Sayid. What happened to him in 1977? My theory is that he turns into Rousseau. That’s why he likes Rousseau so much when he first meets her.

Locke seems pretty chipper for someone who just found out that all his friends died. I don’t like that dude because he hits girls. He obviously doesn’t have a mother to teach him manners. Is Richard the only civil one in the bunch?!

Oh BURN! Jack basically told Kate that she wasn’t worth not undoing the plane crash. You’re right, Jack, she’s not worth it. She’s a hussy. You can do better.

This show is so confusing now. I don’t know where I am or where I’m going. Hubs just said, “We just wasted five years of our lives watching a show that didn’t happen.” AHAHAHAHA! Witty, Hubs. Love you.

The H bomb is underneath the Dharma base! Oh, he is NOT manhandling Sawyer. NO! Stop him Horace! Shoot him! Shoot him! That guy is an arse. Not liking him. I’m not going to like it if they kill Sawyer. Okay, so they’re using some of the fake blood surplus on Sawyer. That makes me even more angry.

Why aren’t they using the truth serum guy? Ummm…does he not still live in the woods in his ganja smelling tent?

Oh no! Not Hurley, too! Chang sees him. Okay, so history, math, and government aren’t Hurley’s strong points. I bet he kicked butt in shop class. I thought there was going to be a sweet reunion between father and son, but that Chang is all business.

Charles just touched Eloise’s belly and said “your condition.” Is she pregnant with Daniel now? Creepy.

I love how they’re all so scared of Jacob. It’s so funny. Every time someone says his name, they’re all :o

Locke is saving himself. That is so cool. And confusing. Can injured Locke not see the big torches burning in the jungle??

Ben is jealous of Locke and his love affair with the island. Don’t worry, Ben. I think it’s probably just a summer thing. Ben looked like a kid in the principal’s office. He so doesn’t want anyone to know he killed Locke.

Who is this guy who thinks he is the boss of me? I mean, the boss of Chang? Aw, Sawyer, I love you so much. I just want to hug you and sponge your face and pretend that you just called me sweetheart and not that skank.

Kate is such a moron. Here comes Kate’s death. Sayid to the rescue!!! There is so much man sexiness in this episode. I almost can’t take it.

What? Kate’s not dead? Disappointment is coloring my face right now. Jack’s hair is seriously cute infinity tonight. The sticky bloody look is working for him. Kate is a moron. Hatin her!

Little Char is leaving and there’s Chang, Mama Chang, and baby Miles. Awwww. See Miles, your daddy was a GOOD man. Sawyer is looking rough. I want to pet his hair and make him feel better. Don’t kiss her! She’s a skank! You’ll probably get all kinds of diseases. I totally thought he was going to give the island the finger when he was climbing into the sub. Instead he just said, "Good riddance." Bah. The finger would have been better. Work on your comedic timing, Sawyer.

Couldn’t Richard and Jack have gotten closer to the waterfall before they took their deep breath and swam through the tunnel?

Richard doesn’t want to go see Jacob. I know his cabin is pretty spooky and it’s dark, but Locke is pretty good with a knife. I would do what he says. Field Trip! Booyah!

EEEEWWWWWWW! Haha! Kate’s locked in the brig with Sawyer and Juliet! YES! Verbal catfight. How awkward is that? There they go! The sub has been launched.

That’s the biggest bomb I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen many bombs. In fact, I’ve just seen that one.

I thought the others left to see Jacob in the night time. Look at them walking in two straight rows, just like in Madeline! “In an old house in Paris, all covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…”

Locke is going to kill Jacob. Who else thinks Locke is off his rocker?

Previews!! Sawyer and Juliet and Kate come back!?!?! Lepedis is there? And his shirt is buttoned? THAT WAS AN AWESOME PREVIEW! Next week is the two hour season finale! SWEET that it’s two hours but BOO that it’s the finale it makes me so angry that I’ll write a run on sentence about it.

Friday, May 1, 2009


So this is my first attempt at amigurumi. Don't be hatin on him because for one I didn't use a pattern, I just made the fool up. And second, M happens to think he's the bomb and she's already named him "Hooey."

For those of you (Hubs) who can't tell (Hubs), it's an owl. (Duh, Hubs).