Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Convo with the Hubs

So we just had this conversation on the phone:

Me: Why are you humming Yankee Doodle?

Hubs: It's one of my songs.

Me: What? We've been married for 9 years and this is the first I'm hearing about your songs.

Hubs: *sigh* I have songs playing in my head all the time. Yankee Doodle is one of them.

Me: **snicker**

Hubs: Why are you laughing at me?! Like you don't have songs playing your head all the time.

Me: What other songs play in your head?

Hubs: The Entertainment Tonight theme song. But it's usually Yankee Doodle. When I wake up in the morning Yankee Doodle is playing in my head.

Me: **Dies from laughter**

I swear, I live with a Martian. I get songs stuck in my head, sure, but I don't have an internal playlist. Does anyone else have Hub's problem? Because he seems to think it's the norm.

Lost Character of the Week


Richard…the man we know so much about, but know nothing about. Here’s everything you need to know about Richard. He’s fierce (see above photo). He doesn’t age. He’s always rocking the starched shirts, even though is cohorts look like a merry band of hobos. He know his eyeliner and hair gel.

Richard has been on the island, looking the same, for years. He killed a bunch of soldiers on the island in 1954 and stole their hydrogen bomb. He was the leader of the hostiles when Ben was an innocent little nerd. He eventually recruited Ben and saved his life after Sayid shot little Ben. He visited Locke when he was a child. He confused Locke by laying a bunch of junk items in front of him and asking which belonged to him. Locke chooses a knife and Richard gets all offended and stalks out. PMS much?

Let’s try to unwind this and start at the beginning. Richard was with the others in 1954 when they found the hydrogen bomb. Ellie and Charliebarf Widmore were part of the Others during this time and eventually became the leaders. After the others killed the soldiers who brought the hydrogen bomb they stole their tents, clothes and supplies. During this time Ellie captured Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte after they time traveled. She brought them back to camp. Ellie wanted to shoot them, but Richard listened and finally declared that Daniel was, indeed, a scientist. Daniel offered to disarm the bomb and Richard agreed. Soon after Locke arrives and asks to speak to Richard. Richard orders Widmore to stand down. He is so fierce. Locke asks him how to leave the island and Richard tells him that’s confidential. In other words, Richard’s a stingy-butt with his secrets.

Fast forward to the 1970’s. Richard’s still running around the jungle and looking fabulous. He really hates the Dharma Initiative. At one point he’s so pissed that he strides into camp with a torch and sits on a bench, which is totally what I do when I’m angry. Sawyer comes out and is all, “Sorry I accidentally killed your friends.” And Richard is all, “It’s okay. What conditioner do you use?” Later Sawyer and Kate take little Ben to Richard, who takes him to the temple and heals him. He also turns Ben into a raving psychopath, but we can overlook it because this is our Richard we’re talking about here. Then Daniel, so torn up by the death of Charlotte and angry because he can’t seem to untie his tie and take it off, storms into their camp with a gun, demanding to talk to Ellie, aka his mama. Richard tries to calm him down. Daniel points the gun at Richard and Ellie shoots Daniel in the back. Richard’s all, “What the heck, Ellie??”

Then it gets really confusing. Widmore storms in with Jack and Kate as prisoners. Ellie orders their release and takes them to the bomb to remove the core and encase it in concrete. Richard, Ellie, Kate, Jack, and some redshirt hothead named Erik all walk to the creek. Sayid pops up out of the forest and kills Erik and Richards says something like, “That’s okay. No one really liked him anyway.”

Years later Ben steals a baby and Richard’s all, “Awesome.”

In the 90’s Richard leads the purge of the Dharma Initiative.

In 2001 Richard recruits Juliet to work for the Dharma Initiative.

After the crash, Richard met Locke and suggested that he have Sawyer kill his father, since he was having trouble doing it himself. Locke is stoked at the idea.

After the survivors contact the freighter Richard sets out to lead the Others to safety in the temple.

Richard intercepts Sayid and Kate in the jungle while they’re looking for Jack and tells them that he will guarantee their space on the helicopter if they help him rescue Ben, so they agree.

In 2007 Richard is building a ship in a bottle, because even a guru needs his arts and crafts time, and Locke shows up, but now we all know it wasn’t Locke. It was the bad man in the black shirt using Locke’s body as a puppet. They pack up to “go on an errand” and Sun shows up to tag along. John takes them to the Beechcraft stuck in the trees. He gives Richard a medical kit and explains that a man will stumble out of the jungle with a gunshot wound. He tells Richard to fix the wound and tell him to bring everyone back to the island, and that in order to do that he would have to die. He also told him to give his compass to the man. The man was Locke.

Darth Locke then informed Richard that he was going to lead the whole group of the Others to Jacob and Ben did a mental fist pump. Richard tells Darth Locke that Jacob made him ageless by lending him this great cold cream. Richard took them to the bachelor pad in the giant foot. Richard waits outside with the others while Locke and Ben go into the foot. A few minutes later Ilana shows up, remember the hoochie with the great earrings? She tells Richard they found something Uh-mazing in a box and Richards asks what it is. It’s……wait for it……..wait for it……LOCKE! DUHN DUHN DUUUUUUUUHN! Richard does a facepalm. End of season.

Sawyer nicknames: Your buddy with the eyeliner, Hoss

Sources: Lostpedia, Wikipedia, a ton of my DVDS

What did I miss? I know I missed something…

Monday, October 26, 2009

So I love

My new shoes. I'm not even lying. I got them this weekend on sale. I've only been eyeballing them FOREVER. DH finally relented when I pointed out the sale. And told him that he can get that remote control car he wanted. We both win! So I bought them on Saturday and on Sunday I rocked them at church. Only they hurt my feet bad. Hubs said, "Why do you keep wearing them?" I said, "Duh, because they're cute. Look how cute my feet are right now!" Men have no idea.

Anyway, here they are:

Aren't they FANTASTIC?? I heart them so much. Looking at this picture makes me want to go put them on with my pajamas right now. And I guarantee if I did, they would look fabulous.

My only problem is I don't have much to wear them with. I wore them with a long black skirt and my gray sweater on Sunday, but I didn't like it because the long skirt took away from the cuteness of my shoes. So this morning I got up early and went on a thrift store search for something to go with my shoes. I found this:

Did you hear angels singing just now? Cause I heard them when I found this skirt. It is awesome. And I got it for 6 bucks at my favorite friendly thrift store. Score!

My only problem now is that I don't have a shirt. I can't find one anywhere that goes with this skirt. So I need some help. Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone??

Lost post this week. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrifty Christmas

It's been awhile since I posted a Thrifty Christmas post, so here are some of the things I've been working on lately:

M likes to pretend to cook with me. And she likes that I wear an apron and reaaaaaally wanted one of her own, so voila! I had some fabric leftover, so I made her a matching oven mitt and I made her the adjustable chef's hat just for fun. Total cost: $6 in supplies

She likes to pretend she's a doctor. I like to encourage this because if she's a doctor when she grows up, she can afford to put me in a better home when I'm senile. So I made her some scrubs for her doctor pretend time. Total cost: $4.00 supplies

I don't know if I've posted her diaper bag on here before or not, but here it is. See, she likes to carry a diaper bag when she carries her dolls. We only have one diaper bag, the gigantic one I carried when she was a newborn. It's almost as big as her and she has a hard time lugging it around. I made this one without a pattern and it turned out great! There are lots of pockets on the inside and outside for all the junk her babies need. Total cost: $0 (no pattern, fabric scraps)

She also loves to use wipes when she pretends to change her babies, but I hate giving them to her because they're expensive. So I made this little holder and filled it with white felt squares for her to use as baby wipes. That way we're not just throwing money away, which is what Thrifty Christmas is all about!

Last, I crocheted this ninja for hubs. Only he found it because he's a Sneaky Pete. So it's sitting on his desk at work right now. Total cost: 75 cents, clearance yarn.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things I love

I haven't posted in awhile, and the reason why is embarrassing. So I'm just going to come clean with all of you. I'm a boring person in real life. For reals. And we've had a very unpleasant stomach virus. NASTY! But it's all gone now and it didn't kill me. Hooray! So I decided, since it's such a lovely puke-free day, I decided that I'm just going to share things I love with you, since I've been reflecting on things I love today.

1) Sunflowers

Seriously. This is what I want my yard to look like. I love sunflowers that much and they're in season right now. There is a vase of them on my table right now. LOVE THEM! Happiness in flower form. If a sunflower got together with a daisy and had a baby, it'd be the happiest baby ever.

2) C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lipshine

Amazing! Love it! Tastes like Christmas! Go get yourself some at your local Bath and Body Works! (No, I don't work for them)

3) These burp rags I made for my friend's new baby.

I've never actually made burp rags before and they turned out cute!

4) This new damask print I just ordered.

It's going to be our new bedspread. I was going to get pink and brown, but Hubs said pink wasn't manly enough. I don't know what his problem is.

5) Hot Chocolate
And it's cold enough to drink it now. Mmmmmmm.....My Cocomotion has been getting a lot of action this past week.

6) The Double Trek Facepalm

Love it.

7) M's Picasso Potato Head Stylings

What are you loving right now?